Get healthier muscles by learning tips on maintenance from us and taking adequate amount of water. 

Build Muscles

you build your muscles naturally

Improved Overall Health

your overall health is improved

Healthier Muscles

you achieve healthier muscles

Muscle Care Tips

you learn useful tips to maintain muscle health

Stronger Body

your muscles and body in general are strengthened

About Us

My name is Clint Martinez from We Know How To Fight and I guide people on how to maintain the health of their muscles. One important tip there is no excuse of adhering to it is taking adequate amount of water. This boosts your muscle health and strength while improving your overall health. 

Set Realistic Fitness Goals

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or increase your endurance, it's important to tailor your workout to fit your goals. That seems ...

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Shape Up Your Form on Shoulder Day

Bad form on shoulder day is a fairly common occurrence. With improper form comes the risk of a rotator-cuff injury. We all make mistakes, but we ...

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What People Say

Before I took up a muscle training program with We Know How To Fight, I would only take water when I felt thirsty. It was surprising to learn that I was selfish to my muscles. I now take at least 2 liters of water on a daily basis and I know I’m improving my muscle as well as that of my whole body. 

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